With the possibility of market share for online shopping and e-commerce going into billions of dollars, it becomes imperative for any trader worth their salt to get on to the bandwagon. Whether it is to drive direct online sales or create brand awareness, a website helps you to market your products or services on to the bottomless World Wide Web. Having a website of your brand increases the reliability quotient manifolds and puts one in the tech savvy league.

The process of developing websites or webpages hosted on the Internet or intranet is known as web development which is carried out by a trained web developer. Web development includes creating a website using coding, writing engaging web content, hosting it on to a database web server, ensuring network security etc.

In this fast-paced environment new set of tools and technologies help developers build more dynamic and interactive websites. Web developers these days help to deliver applications as web services which were traditionally only available as applications on a desk-based computer. This has made it possible for more opportunities to decentralize information and media distribution.

Web development has also greatly transformed the way we interact, networking and do marketing. Websites are no longer simply tools for work or for commerce, but also serve as platforms for communication and social networking. The development of the web has given new opportunities to the home chef, the tuition teacher or even a mimicry artist to explore their own craft and share with millions of people. Web Development has fast emerged as the new Jeannie catering to every whim and fancy, at the click of a mouse.

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